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Answering initial questions

1. Who is Lynndie England, What is her Background?

I looked at her past, and some of the details we are accesable to make sense, but when watching he in interviews, she just comes across as so cold hearted, and spiteful, she never openly regrets anything she did while at Abu Ghraib, just that she was “stupid enough to be there”

2. What is Abi Ghraib?

A prision which eventually became the heart of the Abu Ghraib scandal.

3. Who and what was involved with the torture at Abi Ghraib?

6 people where convicted for the trouble in Abu Ghraib but plenty more where involved.

4. How did this come to the media attention?Who was involved with the exposure of the torture?

The exposure of the torture was firstly submitted through the letter box of the Pentagon, by an anonymous character.

5. Where and what has happened to the where abouts of Lynndie England now and fellow convicted? Lynndie now lives her life with her son,

Graner is still serving charges, and others convicted  are living their lives as normally as possible.

6. Is there any Justification to this situation?

there is no real justification, when studying tortue methods,and looking at the milgram theory, where people lose sight of what is right and wrong in this enviroment, stil can not and does not justify their actions. Because the stuidies ive looked at often give you a chance to empathise and feel sorry for them it makes you question if its ok or not. There is obviously no justifaction though

7. Why did lynndie become the face of Abi Ghraib when countless others were involved?

Lynndie England became the main source of talk because she was a female, and that she was involved with charles graner, so they had this story to build up around. A couple torturing people together. A women torturing people? did she have no morals or mercy, as woman we are expected to feel sorry and attach ourselves to people, to feel sorry for someone in pain and to want to “mother” them.

8. why was this torture able to happen in what we consider to be a safe and trusting environment?

This torture happened because their was complete confusion on who to follow, the people enflicting torture where under immense presure to deliver confessions, there was no hep for the leaders. if they did not deliver their jobs would be considered and authority questioned.



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